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Image by Nick Shandra

Physical Security Solutions

Automatic Barriers - Automatic Sliding gates - 3/4 Height Turnstiles

Manual Barriers - Anti-Terrorism Crash Tested Road Blockers

Road Blockers & Rising Kerbs - Speed ramps & flow plates

Under Vehicle Inspection - Intrusion Detection Systems

Automatic Bollards - Half Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles - Manual Bollards

Anti-terrorism Crash Tested Automatic Bollards

Security cabins & kiosks - Speedstiles

Perimeter Security Systems

Access Control & More

Security Camera

Biometric Identification

Pin Security

Key F o b Access

Fingerprint Protection

Wiegard Protocol

Card Readers

Intelligent Readers

Security Camera

Integrated Security Systems

Announcement Systems

Situational Awareness

Fire Detection / Alarm Systems

Explosion Proof Equipment

Refuge Systems

Asset & Utility Management

Nurse Call Systems

Security Camera

Life Safety Systems

Video Surveillance

Intelligent Voice and Visual

Refuge Systems

Linear Heat Detection

Master Clock Systems

Patient Tracking

Medical Equipment

Image by Egor Myznik

Intelligent Building

Fire Alarm System - Parking Management Solutions 

Machine 2 Machine - BMS & RMS - Surveillance 

Variable Frequency Driver & Control Parts

Physical Security Information Management

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